What is a custom domain in ManageCV?

What is a custom domain in ManageCV?

23 Jan, 2022 772 ManageCV
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A custom domain name is a unique branded name that identifies a brand name, and sometimes you. With ManageCV a user can connect a custom domain with his/her personal website easily. We allow fully personalized and white-label options in ManageCV.

Example of a custom domain:

Suppose Pushap Raj is using ManageCV to build his portfolio-based website and resumes. He is owning a domain name called pushap.in. Here pushap.in is a domain name. When he connects this domain name with ManageCV, we call it a custom domain connection.

How to get a custom domain?

You can easily get a custom domain from several domain name registrars like GoDaddy, Namecheap, IONOS, HIOX India, etc. Visit the websites of the registrar of your choice, search for the domain name, register, and all is done.

How to connect a custom domain with your ManageCV website?